Ben J McKie -Director at Psyched

“I have been training with Heng Wei for over two years now and I can not recommend him highly enough. He is an expert at what he does and has a very unassuming, generous and humerous way about him. He trains you hard and expects 100% from you which delivers superb results. I have trained individually with him and also in a class. I find that Heng Wei’s knowledge and understanding of the body and how to use it is second to none and I have benefited greatly from his knowledge. Thank you Shifu!”

Jamie Munro – Joint Managing Director at Greenbird

“I’ve been training with Shifu Heng Wei for almost a year now and I have loved every minute of it. I am learning Tai Chi and Kung Fu and this gives me a real balance of both physical and mental excercise. Shifu is very patient and a very good teacher, in Kung Fu he has taken me from a complete beginner to light sparring which is very rewarding! I wanted to learn Tai Chi as its a form of exercise I can do for the rest of my life – I see Shifu on a one to one basis and it is one of the highlights of my week”

Ron Boschetto –

“The distinguishing factor of Shifu Heng Wei is the depth and breadth of his knowledge and his ability to apply this to his training. When viewed by other practitioners, the dedication to detail that Shifu instils in his students is evident. This training provided me with real life benefits beyond the practice of martial arts. ”

Sonsales Pinar – Strategic Planner/BITC -Business In The Community/ ELMYA S.A

“Heng Wei’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor never cease to amaze me. He is is reliable and eternally upbeat, with an incredible ability to perceive individual’s needs and motivate them to overachieve. His people skills and ability to calm stressed out individuals is unparalleled, and it is because of his excellence in this area that I repeatedly recommended him to all my coworkers. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for the very best in motivation, personal development and martial arts”

Matthew A Strain – Barrister

“Training at Tang Long has opened up my knowledge of the body and my potential fitness, flexibility and strength, and being taught all of this by such a qualified Master makes the effort all the more worth while and inspiring. Being a lawyer and working at a desk for most of the week makes my trips to see Shifu entirely necessary, ensuring I stay fit, comfortable and mentally capable of dealing with my day to daywork load. The physical benefits are just the start, and I would be even better off if there were more hours in the day to attend.”

Roberto Pozzi – Bond Analyst

“Working in the City as a Bond Analyst, I need to stay focused for long hours. I had never studied martial arts before I started training with Shifu Heng Wei. I soon found out that Shaolin Kung Fu has not only increased my fitness but has also helped me to concentrate and remain calm in an environment that can be quite hectic. Shifu’s knowledge and attention to detail is impressive as is his ability to push us a bit forward at each class. Shaolin Kung Fu is a great benefit to Professionals like myself. ”

Ben Meredith –Parent

“My son Alex started training with Shifu Heng Wei when he was 6 years old. Alex was somewhat handicapped after spending 6 months in hospital and away from school as the result of a severe fracture to his leg.
When he returned to school his physical strength and co-ordination were severely lacking. It was after I had done some research into traditional Chinese Martial arts that I was lucky enough to come across Shifu Heng Wei.. I enrolled Alex for classes and with patience, help and encouragement it was not long before Alex was able to perform set routines and cartwheels etc. Most noticeable was the change in his ability to concentrate and focus, which has helped immensely with his life at school.”

Katia Ting –Hua Hsia Chinese School –Camden and Barnet

” I have been working with Shifu Heng Wei for over three years now. I regularly book Shifu for half term workshops with children within the Borough of Barnet and for cultural/sports events in other private schools such as Haberdasher Aske in Elstree. Shifu Heng Wei offers what is still a very unique experience here in the UK. Bringing culture and sport together, Shifu Heng Wei delivers great classes for the children who never cease to be amazed by his skills. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”