Through National Lottery funding we were able to run a course of Tai Chi and Tea sessions for Senior members of our community.

We were unsure how many people would be interested in this course but to our delight we had more than 260 people register! And they all had one goal. To improve their health or to prevent illness in the future . From April to the end of November we ran 76 sessions and at the end of this course we asked the participants to fill in a questionnaire to let us know how the Tai Chi had benefited them.  The responses have been incredible.  Whilst people found it a little difficult at the beginning they soon improved and found that by the end of the course their balance was much better, they could breath in a deeper more relaxed manner and aches and pains seemed to disappear. One gentleman also told me his blood pressure had dropped and he was quite surprised. Suddenly they felt stronger and younger. Tai Chi is often referred to as meditation in motion but we like to think of it as Medication in motion. This is social prescribing at it’s best. To make people feel fitter, healthier and happier without medication should always be the goal.  Shifu Heng Wei always says Tai Chi is the best medicine.

Throughout these sessions Shifu Heng Wei has been telling them stories of training in China, making them laugh and encouraging them along the way. His favourite saying (when he was teaching them gentle stretching) was that for every inch you stretch you will feel 10 years younger!  And I think that by the end of this course they probably feel it!

Tai Chi has been practiced in China for hundreds of years. If  you walk around the parks early in the morning you will see not only the elderly practicing but also the young people too as they now realise the importance of this beautiful gentle exercise. One lady described what we do as a ‘precious gift’.  And for us to be able to give something worthwhile and beneficial to the community is indeed a privilege.

Today we still continue to offer these incredibly rewarding sessions. Not only do we offer them out to Senior citizens but also people with other health problems. And with that in mind we offer free sessions to people suffering from MS to help to improve their balance. Demand has increased so with that we have added even more sessions.  Please check out our timetable for the lastest classes. Plus there is still tea afterwards! So do come along.

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