Over the years we have gone to various places to host our summer camp but this year we decided to hold the event here at Tang Long! We are located close to one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in London and think it is the perfect location to host such an event.

We were delighted that our own students were joined by members of Shaolin Scotland for a week of hard training. Sessions consisted of running at 6.30am up to the beautiful Hampstead Heath where they practised Qi Gong. Breakfast was at 8.00am and the next session began at 9.30am. This time they ran to the secluded Pergola Garden at Golders Hill Park where they were taught Shaolin Fist by Shifu Heng Wei. After lunch and a little break (and sometimes a nap!) the final session of the day was Shaolin Broadsword.  There were aches and pains but no tears and tantrums 🙂

This was training Chinese Style. As they say, eat, sleep, train, repeat. And that’s what makes them so good. It becomes a way of life.

On the final day Shifu gave everyone a dumpling making masterclass and a few cold beers which I was told was like a gift from the gods! It was lovely to welcome new friends to our every expanding Shaolin family.

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