Heng wei boxing glovesSanshou or Sanda are the names for Chinese Kickboxing.  This dynamic class will teach you the basics of footwork, stances, punching combinations and techniques.  It’s a great way to learn self defence and at the same time release the tensions of the day.

There is pad and bag work and for beginners there with some very light contact sparring. More advance students are shown more technical details and have the opportunity to spar on a more serious level. Students who wish to take part in this class must have their own equipment ie gloves, shin pads, pads etc.


Shifu in China with the fighting team

Shifu Heng Wei with his fighting team getting ready for Wushu Masters – China

At the end of 2012 Shifu Heng Wei had the unique opportunity to take some of his fighters to compete for a programme called Wushu Master on CCTV5, one of China’s national televsions programmes.It was Team China -vs- Team UK (Us!). They guys said it was one of the best experiences of their life and it fired them up to come home and do even more training! The fighters did incredibly well and Shifu is very proud of them.