Tang-Long-Shaolin-Kung-fu-Tai-Chi-Chinese-Cultural-Centre-Promo-2016Shifu Heng Wei – 35th Generation Shaolin Master. 

Health and Wellness Manager.

Shifu Heng Wei is the Health and Wellness Manager of the Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre. Since arriving here in the UK in 2003 he has gained a loyal and dedicated following of clients. Shifu has been teaching martial arts for 17 years and has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Owing to this he is highly in demand for workshops, seminars and Corporate retreats with executive clients.  He has a deep understanding of how the mind and body work together and his holistic approach to training brings wonderful results on many different levels. He believes that through meditation, mindfulness and exercise anything can be achieved.  The mind and body are not two separate entities. In order for us to function well and in a healthy manner they have to work together.

If you are ill and your Doctor says you need an operation to fix something you say ‘go ahead!” If your Doctor tells  you to take some medication in order to get better then you will take it without questions. But we are better than then Doctors. We are here to help you to prevent getting ill. We will give  you a wonderful prescription for good physical and mental health which you simply administer to yourself on a daily basis” – Shifu Heng Wei

karen and shifu fatima drawing

Karen Zheng – Centre Manager

Karen brings a wealth of experience with her to The Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre. She has worked in a variety of fields from Legal Secretary, Office and Client Services Managers and has been a bit of an entrepeneur too once having owned her own boutique! So nothing really phases her. Never having done martial arts before, she began her journey in Shaolin Kung Fu in 2001. And she loved it! She met Shifu Heng Wei in 2003 and in 2005 they had the opportunity to open up Tang Long. Although it was a scary prospect to begin with over the years they have built up one of the leading martial arts and cultural centres in London (if not the UK). The current venue is their labour of love with each and every item carefully chosen to create a warm and welcoming space for their clients.  Karen overseas all aspects of running the business and you’ll still usually find her sitting behind the reception desk too!


mark and eliseMark Omfalos – Senior Instructor

Mark Omfalos has been a loyal and dedicated member of Tang Long for 12 years. Such is his passion for the art that through extensive hard training he has become Shifu Heng Wei’s second in command when it comes to training. He has a vast wealth of exerience in Shaolin Kung Fu and excels in all aspects of it from Traditional Forms, Weapons, Sanshou, Tai Chi and of course his favourite ‘Ba Ji Quan’. Mark also enhanced his skills by travelling to China on numerous occasions and trained with some of  the top masters in their fields.  Mark is a very generous instructor and goes out of his way to ensure that everyone has the best opportunity to learn and makes sure no one is left out. We wouldn’t be without him!


Luke - fatimaLuke Jaskiewicz – Senior Instructor

Luke Jaskiewi has also been with us for a very long time! Almost as long as Mark.  Luke has done a variety of different style of martial arts such as Aikdo before he joined us at Tang Long so brings with him a wealth of knowledge. Luke has also travelled to China to train over the years  and trained with some of the best Masters and teams out there. He is a very focused instructor and will ensure that clients get the best from their training. He is highly experienced in all aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu and is particularly fond of Weapons training.


PatriciaPatricia Jacob – Instructor

Patricia Jacob has only been with us for seven years but what an incredibly talented person she is! She learns Kung Fu at a phenominal rate and as a result has won numerous medals to prove it! She really is a little superstar. Patricia loves the dynamic, acrobatic styles and has proven to be a natural at not just Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi but also modern Wushu. Patricia loves all things martial arts and has also studied Wudang Style both here in the UK and in China too. She has recently been on an intensive training course for Wushu and Tai Chi in China and wowed the people over there with her skills. She’s a fabulous teacher who pays attention to detail to ensure that you learn correctly from the beginning.


martin on podeumMartin Limberk – Instructor

Martin is one of our newest Instructors but has such a passion for the art that he has submerged himself wholly into it.  The only day that Martin doesn’t train is when the centre is closed!  He’s a great instructor who pushes you to achieve the best you can. And he will train just as hard right beside you offering encouragement throughout the session. He is a gold medal winner three times over in his weight category in Sanshou but truly loves all aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu.





maryamMaryam Hibibollahi – Instructor

Maryam has been with us now for around 6 years. She’s a full time student at one of the top Universities in London and puts as much time and energy into her training as she does her studies. Maryam not only trains in all aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu but also enhances her abilities by participating in CrossFit too making her a formidable athlete. In addition to Kung Fu Maryam excels at Sanshou and has a batch of both Gold and Silver medals for her weight category.



Angelo - fatimaAngelo Petrillo – Instructor

Angelo is our little Italian ball of fire! He is both an Regional and National Italian Champion in Lightweight Sanda. Since joining us he has gone on to win even more gold medals! There seems to be no stopping him. Angelo runs a Children’s Kickboxing Course aimed at children from the age of 5 upwards who are looking to learn self defence skills and if they are looking to compete he can also help them with that.  He’s a great teacher with lots of patients and is great fun too!



KudaKudakwashe Chinhara – Instructor

Kuda has been with us at Tang Long for about eight years now. He’s like a Swiss Army knife of Martial arts and is proficient in various aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Boxing, Parkour and of course CrossFit. He’s your real life Ninja Warrior! In addition to assisting Shifu with classes he also coaches the Sanshou Team when we have competitions coming up. And what a great coach he is!



lola - fatimaLola Awada – Karen’s right hand (Wo)man!

Lola is by trade an artist and illustrator who originally came to us about seven years ago when she brought her son along to training. But over the years got the bug to join us in training and has never looked back. Lola has studied in Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wudang Style and is also a CrossFit athlete. She really is like Superwoman. She’s super friendly and Tang Long is like a family to her (as she is to us). You’ll normally find her manning the fort when Karen’s not around or running around smothering everyone with love!