Shifu Heng Wei with his Shaolin brothers and performing team.

Traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu 

Shaolin Kung Fu began in China over 1500 years ago. The Monks who lived at the Shaolin Temple spent many hours meditating, and whilst their minds were strong and calm, their bodies were weak. They devised a set of exercises to improve physical fitness and put their life back into balance (Yin/Yang). They later adapted these skills to use as self defence. The Shaolin Temple was located in a strategic part of China and was often under attack. So the Monks set about learning to use their basic tools as weapons and the rest evolved from there until they became the legendary fighters that we know today.

Shaolin Kung Fu is made up of many different aspects ranging from traditional forms and weapons, through to animal styles, acrobatics and other fighting techniques. And it is not limited just to martial arts. It encompasses training for the mind, and overall health by using traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy.

Here at Tang Long we offer you the opportunity to learn these unique skills that have been handed down over the generations. Everyone who comes to us starts at the beginners level and then they have the chance to move onto more advanced techinques. Remember learning Shaolin Kung IMG_0945is like building a house, you have to start with solid foundations to build strong skills. Shaolin Kung Fu takes time and dedication but if you work hard you will see the rewards quite quickly. Not only will you feel fitter and healthier you will also find your mind is calmer and you become more focused.  Training with Shifu Heng Wei is a unique experience and his knowledge is vast. We have a wide range of classes for you to come and try and beginners are always welcome. We would recommend that in order for you to progress you should try to attend at least twice a week.