Welcome to The Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre!

We warmly welcome everyone to our centre. It does not matter if you have never had any experience in martial arts before. What is important is that you want to learn. So in order for us to give you a good foundation we require that all of our new Members sign up and commit for a minimum of six months.

Is this the style for you?

So you’ve decided that you want to join a martial arts school.  That’s great! However, there are lots of other styles out there. So when selecting the style and school you wish to join it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions first.

  • What exactly do I want to learn
  • Can I commit to the training for a minimum of 6 months
  • How many days a week can I commit to
  • Am I prepared to work hard to achieve my goals
  • Do I want to take grading exams to test my achievements
  • Is this the right style for me
  • Do I want to join a club for the social as well as sporting aspects
  • Or,  do I just want to get fit.

Our training programme.

Shifu Heng Wei has dedicated his whole life to these arts and is more then happy to take on Members who are committed.

What we offer:

  • Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu,
  • Tai Chi,
  • Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing),
  • Ba Ji Quan,
  • Weapons Training,
  • Acrobatics,
  • Workshops,
  • Seminars and Retreats.
  • Bespoke packages with nutrition plans.
  • Personal Training Programmes

If  you have decided that the programmes that we offer of here are what you are looking for, then that’s great.  We want our clients to be able to stay focused and achieve their goals. So with that in mind we have set up a structured training programme which will help you to do exactly that. We require that all new Members to  commit to a minimum 6 months training programme. In order to achieve your goals we would recommend that you train with us for a minimum of two session per week. With continutity you will see good progress with both your physical health and well-being and also your Martial Arts.  Martial arts is not easy and cannot be learnt overnight.  It requires dedication and time. In China the literal translation for Kung Fu (Gong Fu) is Time + Sweat.

Training the Shaolin Way – Our committment to you.

We believe that we have a great training programme which will give you measurable results. You will start to feel the impact of the training as soon as you begin. Muscles you haven’t used before will suddenly spring to life. There may be some mild discomfort after your first couple of sessions but that is completely normal. It’s just your body adjusting to the training. A few more sessions down the line you will begin to feel fitter and stronger both physically and mentally.

So in terms of your training what can you expect to learn. Well quite a bit actually. In Shaolin Kung Fu you will have the opportunity to learn a few forms in the beginners sessions, combined with all the basics. Stance work, Shaolin stretches, basic kicks and punching techniques. You will find your awareness increased, your stamina and fitness levels with be significantly improved and your mind will be a lot calmer. Likewise with the Sanshou you will find your speed, power, footwork and reaction times increased . Tai Chi will allow you to find not only an inner peace but greatly improved balance, good health and a calm mind which is great for combating stress. Shaolin in whole is a prescritpion for health, not just martial arts.

Not only that we offer you a fantastic place to train like no other in the UK. Our comfortable lounge area allows you to relax before and after your sessions and the chance to meet the other clients who train with us. At the end of each session there is normally some time for Chinese Tea with Shifu where you can all get together and socialise. Our training hall is fully equipped with all that you need for your sessions and we have ladies and gents changing rooms and showers too.

So if all of the above ticks your boxes, then why not come along and see us. The start of every great journey begins with one step.