“When you are allowed to do what you love everyday it’s not just a pleasure, but also a privelege to be able to share that knowledge”

Shifu Heng Wei a 35th Generation Master from the Shaolin Temple in China and is also the Head Instructor and Founder of Tang Long. He has been practicing martial arts for over 28 years and has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Owing to this he is highly in demand for Workshops, Seminars and Corporate Retreats with Executive Clients. Since arriving here in the UK in 2003 he has gained a loyal and dedicated following of clients who have all gained tremendous benefits from his teachings.  Putting into practice the skills he has developed over they years he is able to offer a unique training experience.

His deep understanding of how the mind and body work together with his compassionate nature and holisitc approach to training brings wonderful results on many differnt levels. He believes that through meditiation, mindfulness and exercise anything can be achieved.  The mind and body are not two separate entities. In order for us to function well and in a healthy manner they have to work together.

If you are ill and your Doctor says you need an operation to fix something you say ‘go ahead!” If your Doctor tells  you to take some medication in order to get better then you will take it without questions. But we are better than then Doctors. We are here to help you to prevent getting ill. We will give  you a wonderful prescription for good physical and mental health which you simply administer to yourself on a daily basis” – Shifu Heng Wei