Food. It’s one of life’s real pleasures as well as being the fuel that keeps us going.  Eating healthly not only when you are training but also everyday is the key to a better quality of life and fitness. Some people ask us what’s the best things to eat in order to help them achieve their goals.

Well the obvious things are fruit, vegetables, lean meat and fish. Reducing the amounts of saturated fats you eat and drinking plenty of water.

fruit and veg But there is more to it then that. There is an obsesity epidemic at the moment and it’s not just the the fault of eating too much fat. It’s also down to sugar and things like HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in our food.  Nowadays there is sugar in everything and it’s not good.  The supermarkets shelves are loaded with tins and packets of this time bomb food and it’s always on offer. There are aisles full of fizzy drinks, crisps, cakes, sweets, fruit juices, in fact far more space is allocated to this type of food then the healthier options.  Sugar is a cheap commodity which is why it’s in everything. Have you looked at the breakfast cereal targeted at Children.  It’s shocking. And as for ‘Fat Free’, well if the fat’s reduced or removed what is it replaced with? More sugar. Or worse Aspertame.

If you look at the diet of people over the last 70 years you will see that the trend for home cooked food has waned and there are restaurants and other convenient places to get food quickly and sugarrelatively cheaply. Whilst it’s ok to have the occasional pizza it’s not something you should eat on a daily basis. If  you really want one then why not try to make one at home. At least that way you know what it is made of.

So what are the options? Well there are plenty of them. And some of them might not be what you expect. At home we tend to cook a lot of Chinese food and contrary to popular belief Chinese food is not fattening if it’s cooked at  home.

Porridge – why not add a banana or drizzle a little honey on it!  Or soak it in milk the night before and add some fresh fruit to it in the morning to make a healthy museli.

Eggs! One of the best sources of vitamins and iron. Scrambled, poached or simply boiled with a slice of toast.  We even eat them Chinese style with tomatoes or Chilli with a bowl of rice

Chicken.  Try to buy the best quality that you can. If its expensive reduce the amount of chicken and add more vegetables to make it stretch.  Cook it up into a Fajita, a home made curry or try it Chinese style with potatoes.

Lean red meats: A hearty casserole with lots of vegetables or a tasty Chilli with Kidney Beans. Bolognese is also good as the tinned tomatoes are packed with vitamins A,C, B6 as well as potassium and magnesium.

Fish. I’m not a lover of the bones so usually get it filleted at the fish counter. Make it into a fish pie or lightly pan fry with Soy sauce, seasame oil and coriander. For whole fish, stuff with spring onions, ginger , corridander, soy sauce and seasame oil. Wrap in foil and bake in the oven.

Tofu- a great source of protein that is also low in fat.

Eat well, keep the sugars reduced and see how amazing you feel!