We do receive a lot of call from people who are not sure about how they sign up for classes etc. If this is you then hopefully this information will help.

How much is a trial class? – £10

Do I need to prebook – No. Just come along on the day that suits you best.

Can I do the block bookings prices? – The block booking prices are for members only. For non members after their initial first session the prices is £15 per class and they cannot take advantage of the discounted prices.

What do I get for my membership? – Like all good martial arts clubs we insure our students against injury. This is covered by your insurance which is an annual fee (a bit like insuring your car). And on top of that you get the discounted class prices.

What do I wear? – We do have our own uniform (which you can purchase from us) but for your first session please just wear something comfortable and easy to move in. We also recommend that you keep your trainers on incase you stub your toe!

What does the uniform consist of? – Our uniform is comfortable and easy to move in. It consists of some lose black trousers, a t.shirt and Feiyue Kung Fu shoes. These shoes are specially designed for Kung Fu. They are very flexible and do not put any pressure on your joints like conventional trainers do for our kind of training. The uniform mentioned above costs £40 (a £5 saving on the full price of £45). There is also the option of a hoodie and these are prices at £25 for children and £30 for adults.

Do you have changing rooms? – Yes we do and we also have showers in both the ladies and the gents.

Where can I keep my stuff?– In the changing rooms we have lockers but you will need to bring your own padlock. Other then that  you can keep your valuables in the training hall whilst you train.

I’ve never done anything like this before. Is it ok for me to join? – Absolutely.  We have beginners joining us all the time. It doesn’t matter if you are not fit and have never done it before. We are here to help you achieve your goals. I always tell people, just remember, when Shifu was young he’d never done it before either!

What age do you take students and am I too old? – For insurance purposes we accept children from the age of 5. You’re never to old to learn Tai Chi and in some way that also applies to kung fu. Our most senior Kung Fu students are just short of 55!

How many times a week should I attend?– In an ideal world we would say two to three times a week as that is when you will see the quickest improvement. However we understand that this is not always possible so even if you only manage once a week you’re still doing good and will feel the benefits.

What can I expect after the first session? – Well hopefully the desire to return! When most people fill in the form for the trial session they always say they are looking to get fit. Well Kung Fu in all it’s forms will certainly do this for you. But you must remember. Kung Fu is not like going to the gym. Kung Fu translates as hard work & sweat. So the following day after your first session you will probably be in some discomfort. That’s simply your muscles waking up! As they say no pain, no gain. So see it as a good sign. Know that you are on your journey to a fitter, healthier you. People are often amazed by the Shaolin Monks and what they can do. Remember this is what they do, six days a week, and you’ve never seen such a healthy bunch of people! It does get easier after the first couple of classes so don’t give up!

There! I hope that helps to answer your questions. If not just give us a call 0208 458 0880