HappinessMindfulness techniques to combat stress and improve well-being in the Workplace

A Holistic approach with amazing results

What is the problem?

Stress is now the biggest cause of illness in the UK

  •  There are over 100 million days lost to stress in the U.K. each year, costing businesses £1.24 billion.
  •  Anxiety and depression, the two biggest mental health conditions in the U.K., cost British business £26 billion per year in sick days.

Of nearly 10,000 employees surveyed, 85 percent of workers had health risk profiles of someone four years older, and 20 percent had the same risks as someone eight years older.

  •  Human resource directors at leading British companies believe 30 percent of workers are suffering from burnout.
  •  From 2007 to 2012, prescriptions for anti-depressants went up from 33.8 million to 50.2 million, and since 1991 they’re up a staggering 495 percent.
  •  The cost of sleeping pills to the National Health Service is increasing every year, and is now at £50 million.
  •  Nearly a third of British women report feeling stressed all the time.
  •  British workers receive among the lowest number of paid holidays in Europe.
  •  Of 1,000-plus working parents surveyed, 83 percent felt guilty about how much they work, and half said it had a negative effect on their relationships with their children

There is light at the end of the tunnel

There are three solutions to every problem.  Accept it. Leave it. Change it.

If stress is having an impact on your business then leaving it untreated is not an option. But by acknowledging its existence you are now in a position to change it for the wellbeing of the staff and the good of the Company.

What we do.

A prescription for health and well-being

What we do on the outside appears to be very simple. However the techniques used have been practiced for over 1500 with amazing results. And these techniques are just as essential for today’s hectic, stressful lifestyle as they were back then. We will help you get your workforce back on track.

” If you are ill and your Doctor says you need an operation to fix something you say ‘go ahead’!

If your Doctor tells you to take some medication in order to get better you will take it without question.

But we are better than the Doctors. We are here to help you to prevent getting ill. We will give you a prescription for good physical and mental health which you simply administer to yourself on a daily basis.” – Shifu Heng Wei.

We offer a range of bespoke packages to suit your needs and budgets. From in house workshops and off site programmes to residential retreats we have a package that is right for you. To find out more please email us on info@tang-long.co.uk