Welcome to the Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre!

Tang Long Main Reception

China has a history that is steeped in culture. At the Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre we are pleased to be able to share that culture with you. From workshops to learn calligraphy and paper cutting, story telling and dumpling making right through to the traditional Chinese health and medicine practices of Acupuncture and Tui Na to Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu from the famous Shaolin Temple. Our centre offers courses that promote health and fitness to both the young and elders in the community regardless of gender, race or religion. Everyone always receives a warm welcome and usually a cup of Chinese tea too! Check out the Culture Centre Link on the top of the page to see what we have lined up for 2015.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Group classes or One to One personal training with Shifu Heng Wei – a 35th Generation Master from Shaolin Temple China.

Shaolin Kung Fu – Tai Chi & Qi Gong –  Sanshou  – Acrobatics – Weapons Training – Squad Training – One to One Personal Training and Group Classes to enhance your Mind, Body and Spirit. Classes  for Adults and Children. 


Shifu Heng Wei
35th Generation Shaolin Master


 Shifu Shi Heng Wei is a 35th Generation Master from the Shaolin, China and is an expert in his field.  He began  his training at the age of six and quickly excelled to became a Master at the age of 16. He has now been practising martial arts for over 24 years and in addition to being proficient in all aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu (Weapons, Forms and Acrobatics) he is also  a specialist in Sanda (Chinese Boxing), Ba Ji Quan and Tai Chi.

He is one of the only teachers here in the UK to teach both Yeushan Temple Ba Ji Quan and Wu Style Ba Ji Quan . In addition to all of this he teaches both Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi and has studied and performed with some of the best Masters in China. His friendly character makes him an approachable and patient Master, however beneath this lies a martial artist who is renowned for his attention to detail and he instills this in his students. Shifu Heng Wei shares his expertise and knowledge with both members of his own school and also various other organisations in London. Classes are offered on a One to One basis or in group sessions.

We offer you: * A comprehensive training programme * On going classes for beginners * Traditional Shaolin Forms * Weapons & Acrobatics * Tai Chi * Workshops * Shaolin training as you would find it in China * A friendly place to train The Benefits * Improve your overall health and fitness * Increase your stamina and flexibility* Learn self defence and gain confidence * Study with a genuine Master from Shaolin (China) * Real results to improve the quality of your life