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Welcome to Tang Long Kung Fu School
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"The distinguishing factor of Shifu Heng Wei is the depth and breadth of his knowledge and his ability to apply this to his training. When viewed by other practitioners, the dedication to detail that Shifu instils in his students is evident. This training provided me with real life benefits beyond the practice of martial arts."
– Ron Boschetto

Real Kung Fu – Real Results
Shifu Heng Wei is a 35th Generation Master from the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China.

An expert in his field he began his training at the age of six and quickly excelled to became a Master at the age of 16. He has now been practising martial arts for over 20 years and in addition to being proficient in all aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu (Weapons, Forms and Acrobatics) he is also accomplished in Sanda (Chinese Boxing).
To broaden his knowledge he also studied Ba Ji Quan at Yeushan Temple and is one of the only teachers in the UK teaching this dynamic style. In addition to all of this he teaches both Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi and has studied with some of the best Masters in China.

Based in the UK since 2003 Shifu Heng Wei shares his expertise and knowledge with both members of his own school and also various other organisations in London.

We offer you:
* A comprehensive training programme
* Ongoing classes for beginners
* Traditional Shaolin Forms
* Weapons & Acrobatics
* Tai Chi
* Workshops
* Shaolin training as you would find it in China
* A friendly place to train

The Benefits
* Improve your overall health
* Increase your stamina and flexibility
* Learn self defence
* Study with a genuine Master from Shaolin Temple
* Real results to improve the quality of your life

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